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BABYLON.GUI in Typescript


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I have made a GUI "form" to exercise a webm video & sound recording process I have made.  I had just written it as a 180 line StackPanel right in a javascript file specific to the directory of the test scene.  If this was bundled as Typescript right with the other code, then it could be injected to any scene I write with very little code & screwing around.

I added the GUI.d.ts file, but you get  error TS2694: Namespace 'BABYLON' has no exported member 'GUI'. when you assign the type  BABYLON.GUI.StackPanel to an object.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Actually, neither, but you got me to think of the answer.  I was just putting all d.ts files in a source sub-directory.  I only used ///references for other source files to help it figure out how to order them.  For most projects I just use an include: with a "src/**/*.ts" in the tsconfig.json

The QI extension, where this is going, is too complicated for an include.  There I use a files: array that all the files in the order that works.  I added the d.ts file there & problem solved.

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