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How do you implement scroll on GUI?


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Hi guys!  There is a "odd thing" that @Arte and I created, once.  It uses a complex stackPanel swap-out method to accomplish a mousewheel-active, slider-drag-active, scrolling dialog/listview.


Not sure if useful or on-topic, but I thought I would pass it along.  Be well, guys.

Oh yeah, there's another terrible example/attempt... https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#11JINV#44

Phew... talk about taking the long bus to school.  :)  Perhaps smarter to make a giant plane-o-text, position it at 1000x 1000z.  Light it and scroll a 2nd camera across it, create a renderTargetTexture from THAT 2nd camera, and feed that RTT to another plane's material.  Put the plane inside the picture frame.  Done.  :)

That PG series eventually became "the sparkle-fonts test".  Goofy fun.  

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Oh Arte, don't try to be humble and claim you ONLY contributed the mouseWheel feature.  Folks, he bought ALL the beer, and ALL the pizza, and was a major consultant and advisor for the entire scrolling list-view project.  :)  He also got us some hookers for the release party.  hehe.  (no, not really, but he DID offer some farm animals)  :)


I started one of the RTT-scroller tests (as described earlier).  I haven't moved the textPlane out to nowhere, yet, nor moved camera 4 out to scroll across it... slowly... and rtt-feed mon4 plane on the bottom.  (or, scroll textPlane across cam4 fov... Teleprompter v1.0.  :) LayerMasks might also eliminate the need to move the textPlane and camera4 to 1000x/1000z, too.  We can, instead, hide it on a layer of its own... maybe. 

Sometimes I get stuck in the scene.activeCameras array, surrounded by curious renderGroupId's & layerMasks, and I get easily entangled, and then my dog starts barking at me for some reason.  Weird.

I can't get the darned textPlane or text1... to have a white background.  I forgot how to use materials or control.background or something.  The more I code, the dumber I get.  :)

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