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sound and Artefact shadow because of SceneOptimizer


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When I activate the music on my scene (with a lot of object)  and if use SceneOptimizer, I get the ripples of the music on the ground in the form of a shadow.

It happens when I use:  mesh.material.freeze();  or the subdivision of the land ...

See screenshot.


The code is :

this.music = new BABYLON.Sound("musicZone", "myMP3.mp3", this.scene, null, { volume: 1.0, loop: true, autoplay: true, streaming: true, spatialSound: false }); 


BABYLON.SceneOptimizer.OptimizeAsync(scene, optionOptimizer());	

    function optionOptimizer()
		var result = new BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions(60, 1000);
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.ShadowsOptimization(0));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.LensFlaresOptimization(1));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.TextureOptimization(2, 256));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.PostProcessesOptimization(3));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.ParticlesOptimization(4));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.RenderTargetsOptimization(5));
		result.optimizations.push(new BABYLON.HardwareScalingOptimization(6, 4));
		return result;

I can not reproduce it on the PG, I do not know what is causing the problem and I use a lot of things on my project.

I know that if I disable freeze on the material, it does not make this problem any more.


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I don't see the direct relationship between music and sceneoptimizer :D This is freaking weird.


But here is one explanation: The music consumes a bit of CPU and enough to trigger an optimization. So when there is no music the optimizer does not activate the same options

Then freezing materials is no more a big deal with latest optimization from 3.2 so you should try without it

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Yes it's strange. I had a hard time finding the relationship too, but the shadow is moving in relation to the music.

I will try the last of the optimizer and would keep informing if it works better.

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It's perfect with the new sceneOptimizer, it works much better, more artifact. I can even increase parameters for the optimization of the terrain without the problems that I had.

I even feel that my scene is more fluid with the new optimizer.  and yet the scene a lot of unique mesh (low poly) 

I'm at 60 fps with this scene: (Pictures in preview of my next project)



Thanks DK for the new optimizer.

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