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Positioning GameObjects on an auto scale game


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Hi everyone,

I'm working on my first Phaser 3 game and have a question regarding the game resolution. Currently I have the game set to a fixed width and height and the coordinates of the GameObjects are hardcoded. If I want the game to autoscale, what's the best approach on how to place GameObjects in a scene?

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Basically it depends on how far you want to go and it's also game specific.
Personally I fill the whole screen and depending on what the game is either display more of the world or just scale it, or shift things around. UI is always positioned relatively so it scales, game objects might or might not be (usually not, but again, depends on the game).

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One thing that helps me a lot, especially in scenes like menu, splash, etc., is to place world coordinates 0,0 into center of screen. Then many things can be placed relative to it and on resize you do not have to reposition it. Of course, it does not work with things that should be stuck to screen borders.

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