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Dynamic DDS files


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Hey all,


I am trying to use a dds file as a cube texture. it works fine if i link to it in the usual way, but i am trying to instead load a file into my html5 page of which would then be turned into a cube texture as so - 

new BABYLON.CubeTexture(reader.result, scene);


i have got this working with a normal texture as so - 

new BABYLON.Texture(reader.result, scene);


so im wondering, is it the base64 encoding that is messing up the dds file? if so does anyone know a better way of doing this? 

the dds file im using is from the playground textures


many thanks!

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Can you try something like that:

new BABYLON.CubeTexture(reader.result, scene, null, false, null, null, null, BABYLON.Engine.TEXTUREFORMAT_RGBA, false, ".dds");

This will force the system to use the DDS code path

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thanks for the link it was interesting indeed however - 

I would assume seeing as the .dds file i am using is included in many of the babylon examples that its the best .dds format i could get with regards to compatability? ? 

also the .dds file does work when used "normally" but when i want to insert it dynamically, this is where my issue is. so i would then assume my problem is how I am passing the data from reader to babylon as i dont have much experience with reader


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