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Found 9 results

  1. How can compressed textures, e.g. DDS images, be used with Pixi.js version 6 or 7? With Pixi.js version 4 and 5 I used the compressed-textures plugin and could use DDS files in my project. The plugin supports Pixi.js 4 and 5 and was probably (?) obsolete with Pixi.js version 6. This repository of the plugin has been archived by the owner on Feb 23, 2023. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to successfully display compressed-textures with Pixi.js version 6 or 7. Also, I can't find any instructions on how to do this. Has anyone already done this and can give me a little tip on how to do it?
  2. Hey ! What is software for convert my hdr or exr images environment from substance painter to DDS for babylon ? any idea ? Iam on macOS. thanks
  3. Hey all, I am trying to use a dds file as a cube texture. it works fine if i link to it in the usual way, but i am trying to instead load a file into my html5 page of which would then be turned into a cube texture as so - new BABYLON.CubeTexture(reader.result, scene); i have got this working with a normal texture as so - new BABYLON.Texture(reader.result, scene); so im wondering, is it the base64 encoding that is messing up the dds file? if so does anyone know a better way of doing this? the dds file im using is from the playground textures many thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone, I've just started to use Babylon.js for the the purpose of posting 3d content to Facebook. I am trying to post a scene that consists of a 3d model and an environment from a 360 degree image. How do I export my environment ? all my attempts ( Creating default skybox, a sphere with flipped normal, ...) have been met with failure: - In case of exporting the environment map no success. - In case of flipped sphere, it always views the scene from outside rather from inside. Any solutions? I am trying to refer to the documentation but no clear answer so far. Thanks
  5. What if any, are the advantages in use PBRMaterial to render the Skybox (Not the mip mapped reflection, just the single mip skybox.dds) vs using a StandardMaterial. When I test then both, I cant tell the difference (besides have control over things like cameraContrast and the various xxxIntensities properties) by just looking at it. Any thoughts
  6. Yo @Deltakosh I stumbled across cmftStudio ... an alternative to IBLBaker. It seems to work perfectly. I can create radiance dds file with mip levels. Looks great in ALL other software capable of reading dds files. Unity, Photoshop, GIMP, Visual Studio, etc show the dds file perfectly including all mip levels. But when i try use in Babyon i get a tons of WEBGL errors: [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-000000524DC5DB10]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture unit 2 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible texture filtering. Attached is the Tester.dds Can you take a look and see why we (babylonjs) has issues with this Tester.dds Tester.dds
  7. There's a DDS file used in a lot of the skybox examples that's hosted on the Playground host. Its this one http://playground.babylonjs.com/textures/environment.dds I want to view the actual image to see how its laid out but I can't find any free software out there that will open it (desktop and online viewers). They all say it has a corrupt header. Does anyone know how to view this particular image?
  8. I am trying to use a dds file as diffuse texture for a mesh. Does not work. Texture is not applied properly. Comes up all garbled. If I convert the dds file to png it works perfectly Are there any restrictions on dds texture ?
  9. Hi guys! Recently I converted my .png textures to .dds using nvcompress and dxt1 as compression (don't need the alpha). For some reason the textures came out flipped on the horizontal axis. Setting the texture uAng property to PI fixes the issue, but I'm wondering where did I go wrong...? Cheers
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