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Is there a way to modify material ID of imported meshes?


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While importing meshes designed in software like Autocad and Blender, I noticed that the color of a previously imported mesh is getting applied to many meshes that are later imported. Then I realized that that this is due to conflicting material IDs.


Is there a way to modify material ID of an imported mesh or is there any other solution to this problem?

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I need something like this too (removing textures from imported material), the way we do it is

    url: "model.babylon",
    success: (rawData) => {
      data.id = "newId";
      data.mesh.material.id = "newId";
         "data://" + JSON.stringify(rawData);
         (meshes, particles, skeletons) => {
           // success callback 

(It's pseudocode, the success callback in the first $.json call is likely to be much more complicated...)

The idea is you first load the .babylon file as a Javascript object, so you may edit it easily.

Once all changes are made, you serialize and re-inject it. 

(It would be better to be able to load a mesh from a Javascript object, but it requires some changes in Babylon code...)


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