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Facebook Instant Game (tic tak toe sample)


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I had deployed the example in a newly created facebook app


While testing the Tic tak toe exaple  I find the follow error...

in initDone Function

error.message is Failed to fetch requested matches

and the game wont progress

any idea on what is failing?


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Hi @tricksty77 Welcome to Panda 2 forum!

Tic Tac Toe multiplayer example in the Instant Games plugin uses Activity Stores for backend, but that feature seems to be removed from the Instant Games SDK. Because of that it's not working anymore. I'm still waiting for response from Facebook, if they are going to get Activity Stores working again or not.

If not, then the only way to create multiplayer games for Instant Games would be to use your own backend. In that case, i would need to update the example with new backend.

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