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How to save as a texture that applied shader?


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This question is asked too often and people dont like to search it, so my comment is very small : renderTexture+filters. There's no complete guide on it, you have to experiment with this thing and stumble across bugs :)

There's big article on how to avoid problems with filters: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v4-Creating-Filters

Yes, its not a newbie material, prepare to suffer.

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you should call render with your supposed container with filter as first parameter and renderTexture as second. Call it one time when you construct the texture.

Yeah, if you know how to do something in canvas 2d context, you can do that and use "Texture.fromCanvas()". If you need webgl api, its betetr to use pixi filters, or you'll have problems with wrong states of renderers.

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