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Lacking Tween Documentation on callbacks


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I'm fairly new to phaser, been using for about 4 days now, so I have no knowledge of phaser 2 or CE. just phaser 3.

I was going over this tutorial which is listed on phaser.io 's website for learning Build a HTML5 game like “Knife Hit” with Phaser 3 using only tweens and trigonometry and in it Emanuele uses tweens, so obviously having no knowledge of tweens I went over to the documentation, to try and figure exactly what they were trying to do. it all checked out fine. But when I saw the code reference 'onComplete' poured over the docs and code for a good bit trying to fine where on earth this was referenced, I finally found out it vaguely referenced it here but doesn't at all talk about the possible callbacks that are available, without having to look at the code directly. 

I would be kinda interested in knowing if I added documentation myself, and did a pull request would that be accepted with open arms? 
and if so how would I go about doing that (by this I mean are there some standards or guides already set in place for PR's)


If you have been in this situation before in phaser where you felt a specific part of phaser just wasn't well documented enough, please tell me about it, so hopefully I can know where the "trouble" spots are

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