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BitmapText error


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Well, I never got an answer, but I'll try again, I'm having this error


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined (19:27:56:417 | error, javascript)
at b.BitmapText.setStyle (libs/phaser.min.js:4:3571)


when I do this

        credits = game.add.bitmapText(game, game.world.width / 2,                10,                'Credits',                { font: '12px font', align: 'center' });

And this is how I call it : game.load.bitmapFont('font', 'font/font.png', 'font/font.xml');


Any help?

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Hi Rich, I use the (game) parameter because the docs said that

new BitmapText(game, x, y, text, style)

but avoiding that,

new BitmapText( x, y, text, style)

I get another error


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of undefined (22:30:10:198 | error, javascript)
at b.BitmapText.updateText (libs/phaser.min.js:4:3862)

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You're not creating a new BitmapText though, you're getting one from the GameObjectFactory, so the parameter isn't needed then.


Is your font actually called 'font' ? I doubt it personally :) Open the XML file and read what the fonts name really is, because that is what it's expecting in the font object. Here's an example:

<font>    <info face="Desyrel" size="70" bold="0" italic="0" chasrset="" unicode="0" stretchH="100" smooth="1" aa="1" padding="0,0,0,0" spacing="1,1"/>

The "face" node is the actual font name. Note that in Phaser 1.1.5 you can't use fonts with spaces in the name (due to an underlying issue Pixi has with that) but we fixed this in 1.2. In the meantime you can simply edit the xml file and remove any spaces the name might have.

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