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[SOLVED] Atlas UV issue


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Hello o/

Since few days, I have a weird visual artifact that bug me and I cant find if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a BabylonJS issue.


This demo show different setup with 5x5 quad next to each other.


If I use a simple texture, everything looks fine and I can use seamless textures without trouble.
But at the moment I try to use an atlas and set the UVs, I get weird line between my tiles. And this persist even if I merge all meshes together.

Is there something special in BabylonJS about Uvs that I don't get ? 

Does anyone know where these line come from and how to make them disappear?

Thank you

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Ha ok, I though about that but it was happening with every type of sampling (nearest, trilinear), so I kinda excluded this hypothesis.

Is there any clean way to compensate for it or is it magic value based only?
Even if its less visible, it's still there with really low camera angle


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