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Hey all,

i was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be triggering these warnings to spam my console so much? usually these only appear once when i load a BJS project, but i have done something in this project which causes these warnings to spam and it slows things down by a second or two whilst it spams the log, even when the log is closed! (see pic) 


i have even searched for these classes to see if i have used them but I have not so i assume i am using an old BJS function that must be using them? just need help identifying why they would be spammed so much!


many thanks. 




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I think it's because of that if you use them to display statistics of the scene.

BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getEvaluateActiveMeshesDuration()) + " ms<br />"+
BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getRenderTargetsDuration()) + " ms<br />"+
BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getParticlesDuration()) + " ms<br />"+
BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getSpritesDuration()) + " ms<br />"+
BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getRenderDuration()) + " ms<br />"+
BABYLON.Tools.Format(scene.getLastFrameDuration()) + " ms<br />"


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Calling the code or debugging the scene (using a debugger to inspect a scene property) can trigger it.

I suggest that you reference babylon.max.js and set a breakpoint in the function to see who calls it

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been digging around and cant seem to fix the issue. however it seems to happen when alight.js does a scan.

I am using this library - https://github.com/retejs/rete 

in this plugin from the library - https://github.com/retejs/context-menu-plugin/blob/master/src/context-menu.js

on line 62: ```javascript this.$cd.scan(); ``` 

after that is called is when it seems all my errors pop up. 

here is one of the examples from the rete github page - https://codepen.io/Ni55aN/pen/rpOKNb


i just dont get why alight would trigger something in BJS but then i dont really understand alight that much yet (newb) 

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