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GUI access to rectangle control


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I think the function is switching to _rootContainer, so it's not recursively going through the children hierarchy.  I haven't had my coffee yet today, though! :)

In this PG, I get access from the immediate child(panel) directly to 'cont1':

edit: it's the continue statement.  func() is not run on anything containing a .children property.

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Thanks, @brianzinn. I'm aware of using children[0] directly but my stackpanels are instances generated during runtime. I've given the stackpanels names but they are not directly referenceable in code like panel.children[0] does. If I can access the stackpanels in place of 'this._rootContainer', I can reach my rects. It's late over here, perhaps I can explain my use test in more depth tom. Thanks for the efforts and much appreciated, cheers !

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