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This operation requires zeroing texture data. This is slow.


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Or is it?

Hi again, Today I finally decided to question this error that firefox has been bugging. There is no rendering glitch or run time error. Everything runs as expected but ff spams the console with this:

Error: WebGL warning: drawElements: This operation requires zeroing texture data. This is slow.

Error: WebGL: No further warnings will be reported for this WebGL context. (already reported 32 warnings)

I narrowed it down, seems its related to creating reflection probes. (Or may be any render target cube texture). Of what I could amass from the internets is that this occurs when an "out-of-viewport" pixel is read and rendered - This question in pixi.js subforum - but I couldn't figure where and what method is accessing out-of-viewport pixels. If this is just a browser thing, can this be safely ignored? because chrome does not log these errors.



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You can safely ignore this error.

This comes from the diffuseTexture of the ground taking time to load. So the RTT cannot render because the meshes are not ready (waiting for the diffuse texture to load). Then when you run the main rendering, the RTT are used as texture but need to be zero out as they don't have data yet (which will be fixed as soon as the diffuseTexture is ready)

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