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WebGL to Scorm


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Hi, @Hersir

Excuse but I am asking this before test it, in fact, a client ask me if I can generate an Scorm element with an WebGL scene I mounted with Babylon JS and I do not know how to answer! 

So you said than is easy to create this Scorm element? Could you point me an way?


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sorry for super late answer, not sure how much experience you have with these systems so will explain as much as possible.

1) you will need to make project structure so it can be imported in Scorm/LMS (each of them have different one and for Scorm even version can affect), I ended up by creating node script that converted non Scorm/LMS project to correct structure, that you need to align with client or just check documentation for each (there are custom build as well)

2) you need to communicate with system api, here as well each type/version have differences, it good to make sort of adapter for each needed version

As these system can be customised, embedded in different other systems, there is no way you can tell anything without trying out, but as I told already Scorm/LMS have no impact on that what can be used int them, but what is important, is html template used for system it self (once had issue that template was too old and it forced IE 8 version even if IE 9 was used). But all that can be sorted out with client server devs

Best way for you if possible would  be to create empty project and add hello world example with babylon to test it out.

For scrom  api this could be start as it supports both versions, but for project structure, best way is to have some example project from client.

But from my experience with these system, get ready for lot of ping-pong with client till it will be ready (would suggest to create automation tasks as much as possible)

So if possible ask for access to system so you can upload new versions to test out

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@Hersir and @Sebavan now both of you excuse my long time answer!

I found this https://h5p.org/iframe-embedder which let me put an Babylon web app inside an LMS, Moodle type!

And now I am studying the xAPI format which is some kind of evolution to SCORM for retrieving users results from the Babylon web app.

Thanks anyway!

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