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diffuseTexture with alpha channel has edge artifacts on iOS?


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Howdy friends!

I've noticed that if I use either the alpha channel of a diffuseTexture or an opacityTexture, there are really bad artifacts around the edge of the alpha channel on iOS. Consider this playground:


On Desktop all seems ok: 


But on iOS i'm getting:


@Deltakosh is there some magic ingredient i'm missing to refine the edges of the alpha channel?



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So no perf penalty by using TGA (it is just slower to load)

the artifacts surely come from my TGA file which is bit crappy :)


for the TGA, I think you need to export it as 32bits

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@Deltakosh  for our unique circumstances (we're building a web game) .png will have to be the chosen texture format.

I've been beating my head against a wall trying to find some work around....no luck thus far. Is there anything i'm missing? I'm surprised that nobody has discovered this issue before me. Building games for mobile platforms like iOS seems like precisely what Babylon is well positioned to handle. But if transparency doesn't work on textures cleanly...I'm sorta stuck. :(

Here's another playground explicitly showing the issue: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#2IY6VG#1

Thanks for any help!



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I bet it has to do with fully transparent pxls saving as 0,0,0,0  and the transition between from aliasing mixes that with the color and raises its alpha.

Or it might be something else are you using for your export setting on the pngs?

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Its on the BJS side then after looking at your export (its correct).  Pretty sure its the mips or the aliasing.  First test turn off mips on the textures when importing them and lets start there.

It could be the alpha is getting premultiplied also.

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When I get some free time maybe, Im pretty busy this evening but if I get a second!

Ive had to fix this before as well, it was just a long time ago.

After some testing it seems related to the emissive not when you use an diffuse with alpha.  but more tests are needed.

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