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3D model question


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Hi guys,

I am working on a gaming like project that requires me to work on a 200x200 canvas. When I render the 3D model, which is a character, it's very hard to see the  details of the character's details clearly (can't really see the eyes). Is there a way around this issue? Not sure if it's a programming issue or more of an art issue. I know if we used a jpeg image, we can create a character that is 200x200, that still retains a good amount of detail, not sure if there is a 3D solution to this issue. For additional info, I am using Babylon.js as my framework of choice. Any tips would be appreciated.


Example of issue:


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Honestly, no. It is as if you would write something on paper and keep it at a distance of 2 meters away from someone and expect them to be able to read it. It just is not possible. That being said, I do like to give some tips and ideas but I have no clue what you are going to use the canvas for. Could you tell us a bit more about it's purpose?

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Well, what I would do than is move the camera a bit more forward so the torso and the head would be visible instead of the entire body.  Like the example below. Not only would it make the canvas render faster for it needs less vertices to process (if back face culling is enabled that is) but you would also have the details much more visible for sure.


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