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Graphics glitch when rotating Arc camera around mesh


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Been loading models into a small test stub.  Noticed that some models look a little glitchy when I rotate the arc camera around them.  Here's a sample when one is first loaded up.


And when I rotate it just a bit


Any thoughts on why this might happen?  Is it my mesh or..?

Thank you!

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depth fighting!  how cool does that sound.  I don't believe I have multiple meshes loaded but I'll take a look.  By chance can depth fighting also occur when a mesh is broken?  Like when two seams haven't been welded properly and kind of overlap each other to cover voids?  We have a guy that does that... often :(

I'll see what I can do with the playground.  I need to read more about it as I am not sure how to include external files.  Once I get it going, i'll post.

Thanks, Delta

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