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Is that possible to reuse loaded textures in another canvas with new scene?


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maybe this frequently required about preview dialog.

like when shows character preview in a dialog or popup ui with new canvas.

but i couldn't find the related post.

in my case, not a full screen game it's web application.

so, required multiple scenes for a dialog. 

BABYLONJS AssetsManager constructor needs a scene.

and can not reuse these loaded textures with another scene in normal.

when reused, it shows error like 'bindTexture: object not from this context'

Is that possible to reuse loaded textures in another canvas with new scene?

I don't want to request duplicated texture assets.




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Texture cache is handled at the gpu level so that means it is bind to one WebglContext.

As Webgl does  not allow sharing texture across contexts we are bound to the same issue.

In your case the easiest might be to handle caching by loading the texture through xhr  as blob. From this you could reuse them across different engines with redownloading them. We do not have such automated mechanism because the browser cache in this help will help preventing redownloading the same file twice.

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an old topic. (around ~2014 Mozilla)  Finally ( 2 weeks ago) google chrome decided to jump on that train too. google it: offscreen webgl webworkers. This is the brand new hot sh** hype on my side of the internet :)
Multithreaded WebGL here we go. 

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Its old. but the big thing is that Chrome is supporting it, means 80% of population using the Internet are technically now able to take advantage of new technology.  Like back 10 year ago with  WelGL, when not Chrome is going do anything, the idea is dead.

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