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Imported File Hierarchy


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This is likely answered elsewhere, I just can't find it! 

My problem is that I'm importing an obj file. I get back a list of meshes including some names listed as "groupXXXXXXX" (where x's are numbers). Unfortunately, the mesh hierarchy appears very flat. When I import the same OBJ in other programs like Unity, it understands the hierarchy and treats single objects comprised of multiple meshes as a single object. I've tried invoking the getChildMeshes property and get a 0 length array, the parent getter is undefined. I know I can parent things manually once my meshes are loaded, but I'd like to load arbitrary OBJ files, and I can't find anything where I have info regarding the scene hierarchy.

Can anyone tell me what I need to look into for this grouping/hierarchy info?


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I believe I'm totally wrong about the premise for this question for what its worth. I'm still stumped, but it's not a hierarchy thing. I'm just getting "extra" meshes. The raw obj file has 4 sets of data under 2 names, and they look duplicated. The Babylon v2 editor somehow understands it contains only 1 object, but the loader gives back 4 meshes. Other more complex OBJ files I have, have way more meshes than I expect, and I think it's a similar problem. I should probably be ignoring meshes somehow, and I'm still investigating the details. Simpler OBJ files are fine - these ones I'm trying are saved from Google Poly

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Hi @benforreal

You are correct all meshes loaded can be accessed from a single 'flat' array in the loader's callback,
however, parent/child relations should still be there.

Example, If your file has three meshes & mesh 0 is parent of both mesh 1 & mesh 2;

// Callback
var parent = newMeshes[0] // parent
var childA = newMeshes[1] // child
var childB = newMeshes[2] // child

// But
parent ._children[0] should return childA
parent ._children[1] should return childB

aswell as the array returned by parent.getChildMeshes() should contain childA & childB

If the parent/child relations isn't there, then there's (mostlikely) something wrong in the obj file.

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Thanks much for the reply @aweirdo and @sebavan Sorry for the delay, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd get notifications for replies (I'll need to look for this).

Anyway - I'm realizing that you're correct. My OBJ file really doesn't have a hierarchy. I went in and looked at it raw after I posted this. That said, the Babylon editor renders it correctly as one node in the scene graph. Other programs do as well. I'm wondering if theres additional logic/relationships that I'm somehow missing. 

Also....I think Google Blocks generated files could be just messy.

thanks again! 

*turns notify me of replies on*


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