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Emissive HDR Lighting?

Global Liquidity

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New to this, coming over from Unity.  Super impressed so far.

In Unity, I've been able to get some really cool lighting using hdr emissive substances and hdr environments.

This scene is lit by nothing other than the skydome and the emissive channel of the substances.

To get this to work requires :

1. Linear Lighting Mode (not Gamma, in prefs)
2. HDR mode on the camera.
3. Emissive channel pushed to > 1.0 (i.e. the floor lights are probably 3.0 or so)
4. Bloom enabled in the Cinematic Post FX stack. (Or would work similarly with any HDR aware bloom like Amplify Bloom)

How can we replicate this here in b.js?

Any examples out there?

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Hello and welcome to the forum !!!

As long as you are relying on PBR material, the workflow in babylon is all linear. HDR is supported through HDR environment lighting and the rendering pipleines where all the intermediate rendering will be done on an hdr render targets.

Emissive in Babylon is not considered as lights but relying on bloom post process like you described should be similar to your rendering:



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