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Phaser 3 Loader Problem


phaser 3 loader problem  

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I noticed a weird behaviour in phaser 3 loader. It is a bug I think. On some computers the loader stucks if the website the game hosted is not secured (http). I tried with 3 computers. 2 of them loaded the game fine but the other one didn't. It just waits, no error, nothing... Games on https websites load fine.

I tried other people's phaser 3 games on http websites with the computer that didn't load. None of them loaded. Also I asked someone to try, it didn't load on his computer too.

Here is an example from phaser 3 games on http: http://plowgames.com/retrotour/

Can you please try it?


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3 hours ago, rich said:

Loads fine here too via http.

You sure this isn't just a browser setting / extension? Like those extensions that force https access only.

I tried with different browsers and none of them loaded. Also phaser 2 games on http loads fine.


2 hours ago, samme said:

On mine music.wav took 110 seconds to load, so it did look stuck.

Let me try again. Maybe it loads after some time.

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