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Questions about changes in 3DS Max Exporter


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I have a few questions/concerns about how the latest (1.2.30 as for now) version of 3ds max extractor works. Not 100% sure it's the right place for questions like these, but maybe someone could at least help me with the research : )

  1. It seems that the extractor adds the "rotationQuaternion" property for every mesh, disregarding the "Export quaternions instead of Euler angles" checkbox in the scene properties window (this checkbox seems to only affect whether the "rotation" property of meshes contains non-zero values). So as BabylonJS (we use 3.3.0-beta.4) mesh parser uses "rotationQuaternion" as a priority property while parsing the .babylon files, it becomes impossible to work with the "rotation" property of a mesh. Is there a way to work around this and be able to not export "rotationQuaternion" in the .babylon files?
  2. Is it true that on every export the exporter generates new meshes/materials ids, even if the source hasn't changed? Does it mean that in the code it's better to rely on mesh/material name, rather than its id?
  3. It seems that some time ago the way the exporter generates names for texture image files has changed (for example what was "sphere_mat_metallicRoughness.jpg" became "sphere_rsphere_m.jpg"). Is it possible to control the pattern of the texture files naming somehow (just to make sure it won't change any more at some point in the future)?

Thank you!

Additional info: we've recently updated the 3ds max extractor plugin to version 1.2.30, the previous version that we used is unknown, but presumably it was a couple of months old.

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Hi alvov,

Exporter developer here.

1) and 2) are undesired behaviours and have been fixed in new version 1.2.31

3) When merging files, the name of the resulting file is created dynamically. Before it was referring to the material name. Some times ago the material export has been optimized. Two materials having same textures would use same merged textures. Thus we shifted to using texture names for the merged texture.

I don't see why it would be updated soon but we can't ensure it won't either. If it does, we will make sure to keep retro compatibility, at least via an option somewhere.

Thanks for your feedbacks!

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Hi @noalak

I've checked with 1.2.31 and issue 1 is indeed gone, thanks!

As for issue 2 - it seems to still be there, we've exported the scene two times in a row and got different ids for meshes and materials.

As for 3 - ok, no problem, thank you for clarification!

And I've noticed one more thing:

4. It seems that the new version ignores the instances of the meshes and exports them as separate meshes. Maybe there is some new setting or checkbox that could fix this?

Thank you!

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Thanks @noalak it is indeed fixed ?


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for reporting the issue!

No need for apologise: not having the product at all is a much much greater inconvenience than a known bug : ) Thank you for what you do as an OSP maintainer

(but that still was very kind of you, cheers!)

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