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Better learn phaser 2!


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I have knowledge of javascript html css d3. Js. Gsap. js. Also flash. After effect 

Premiere pro. But I am New to phaser. And... 

Cant find books for phaser 3... But... I have a great book for phaser 2.

Is there any problem if I start learning phaser 2?

I don't know. 

What do you thing 

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Hi @makis

If you do not have experience making games, with Phaser or any other tool, it should be useful for you to learn Phaser 2 with books.

I think to learn Phaser 3 you can:

- Mess with the Phaser 3 examples.

- Read all the Phaser World issues of the last year.

- Ask for help here when you don't get something.

- Look into the Phaser 3 code :)



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