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Retrieve RenderTexture


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Is there any way to retrieve RenderTexture from the TextureManager? I create and save the RenderTextures to the TextureManager and would like to modify this textures later without keeping all the references. I store multiple RenderTextures as frames to minimize number of different textures. I've modified RenderTexture a bit to allow me to create it from existing texture/frame,  but if that already exists, that would be even better. If it doesn't exist, I can make a pull request.

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There's no ability to retrieve a Render Texture from the Texture Manager, and I wouldn't want to keep them in there either because they're Game Objects at heart. If you need to retain the RT to perform other operations on it later, then it's up to you to manage those references yourself. You could easily create a custom Cache (this.cache.addCustom('rendertextures')) and store them in there.

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