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Since the last update of Chrome (Version 69.0.3497.81)  that I made yesterday, I regularly receive his errors that makes the Babylon scene crash?

Can someone explain to me his mistakes that I have never had before ?  I use only one engine per canvas, but I have several canvas on different tab and therefore several engine to load. Could this be the problem? It's annoying because for my editor I would like to make an engine for each editor integrate (animations, terrains, actors, particles, articles ...)

Is this Chrome that has a bug? Anyone get his mistake too? what do you want to say?


WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost
 BJS : WebGL context lost.

It looks like the latest version has memory leaks.

Thank you

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This is not memory leak :) This is DEFINITELY a chrome bug (remember that 69.0.3497.81 is a beta so open to bugs)

By the way, I'm on the same version but I have no crash. Can you repro with a scene on our homepage or on the PG?

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It's very random, I do not know how to reproduce it. that happens when I paint on a dynamicTexture, or when with animate characters or anything else in very random ways.

Maybe because I create several engines too.

I read somewhere that this could be Chrome's memory leak.

I will go back to the previous version of Chrome to avoid mistakes.

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I do not know if it's related, but before with this demo scene I was at 60 fps, but with this version of Chrome I turn between 5 and 10 fps if we zoom back.

And yet my graphics card is a GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB memory


On this scene, I am between 1 fps



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After I do not know if my problem is related to that. I'm just stumbling over this problem with Octree looking for a scene that would crash with the new version of Chrome. But I do not find why. It's very random, but very regular on my big project editor of MMORPG.

I hope to find and understand, otherwise I will resume the previous version that did not crash.

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The mistake I get is here :

        /** @hidden */
        Engine.prototype._createTexture = function () {
            var texture = this._gl.createTexture();
            if (!texture) {
                throw new Error("Unable to create texture");
            return texture;

Tools._WarnEnabled @ babylon.max.js:9912
(index):1 WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost
babylon.max.js:9912 BJS - [20:38:13]: WebGL context lost.

Uncaught Error: Unable to create texture
    at Engine._createTexture (babylon.max.js:14547)
    at new InternalTexture (babylon.max.js:29669)
    at Engine.createDynamicTexture (babylon.max.js:14866)
    at e.DynamicTexture._recreate (babylon.max.js:68918)
    at e.DynamicTexture.scaleTo (babylon.max.js:68939)
    at e._onResize (babylon.gui.min.js:1)
    at Observer.callback (babylon.gui.min.js:1)
    at Observable.notifyObservers (babylon.max.js:8388)
    at Engine.setSize (babylon.max.js:12782)
    at Engine.resize (babylon.max.js:12757)

You can reproduce the error here. To do this, load a terrain, activate the edit mode, and select textures to paint.

Choose a first texture and paint 10 seconds, then choose another texture, paint 20, 30 seconds, see more. That should crash with screen black

Link (I put the babylon.max.js) : http://www.babylon.actifgames.com/TerrainEditor/index.php

By the way, there is one " ;  " too much above /** @hidden **/

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Is there a workaround that can be done in Babylon until it is fixed in Chrome? I end up with all my editors broken because of this. I planned to release my MMO editor in the month, but I have the impression that this major Chrome bug will stop me. :(. Thank you Deltakosh if you can find a workaround.

Not so stable their Chrome 69 at once. But I admit that she is more pretty.

Edit : This also happens without doing anything, donating to more than one canvas on a page or the creation of a screenshot if you wait a while

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@Deltakosh It's strange, I have more crash and yet no update of Chrome. Maybe something has been fixed in the engine ? The problem did not come from Chrome, so. 

@Sebavan On the other hand for Octree, there is better, but I understand not something.
Previously I was shooting at 60FPS with a GTX 960 graphics card this scene and now I was shooting at 45 FPS In the center and 10 FPS with zoom back with a more powerful graphics card GTX 1050.

I guess there is some problem yet.


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