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Phaser 3 won't regain input on iPhone


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In my FB Instant game, I open FB's invite dialog using `FBInstant.chooseAsync()`. It opens up the dialog. Once the dialog is dismissed I see that for about half a second, the game is stuck (as if transitioning). If you tap on the game during this split second, not only does Phaser not receive the input, but also stops receiving further inputs. So pressing during this "stuck" phase after closing the FB dialog shuts down all future inputs to Phaser.

However, if I wait after about a second so that my game is running properly, it accepts inputs normally. This whole behaviour is prevalent only on iPhone only.

Here is my best attempt to overcome this problem which didn't work:

// Whether invite is completed
var chosenContext = false;

// Handles invite button clicks
function inviteBtnHandler() {
  // Disable inputs
  this.input.manager.touch.capture = false;
  // This is when control goes away from the game
  FBInstant.context.chooseAsync().then(function() {
    chosenContext = true;
  }).then(function() {
    chosenContext = true;

function update() {
  if (chosenContext) {
    // control resumed
    chosenContext = false;
   // enable inputs
    this.input.manager.touch.capture = true;
  // rest of stuff

However this did not work.

I really am not sure what is going on here.

Can anyone please help?

Thank you

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