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Panda2 got mentioned in gamefroscratch video about Javascript game engines


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Hey, I saw you pimp Panda a little in the comment section, too. :D Have to agree, the Editor is awesome. 

Panda is a weird puppy, and I don't think he put enough time clarifying some of the points about it. Honestly, I'm not sure how to think of Panda either, as it's a mix of being free, and not free. He's labeled it as commercial, and a 'hard sell', which isn't quite correct.. the 'Engine', is free and opensource, which makes it at least equal to any of the other free options he listed in that regard.

It's just also got a pretty sweet Editor, which does all the nice things you pointed out in your comment. And that is what is commercial, but he's kinda painted that as a negative, where as I *think* it's only a positive that onto of the opensource engine you've got an option for an Editor designed just for Panda, and HTML5 dev/deployment.

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@Wolfsbane I agree. I wrote an email to Mike some time ago to do a review of Panda2, but he was busy at the moment. I guess he did not put enough attention to details. You have to pay but you get an awesome editor, plugins, game templates, mobile apps to test the game on real devices in real time and authors support. You don't usually get this with totally free or opensource engines. Lest look f.ex. at Corona - it's free but if you want to monetize your game with ads the price of AdMob plugin is ridiculous. Even for Phaser the plugins are paid.

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Hi @pstrejczek @Wolfsbane

Hey guys! Nice that Panda got mentioned, but I do agree that Mike should do a full review, to see what the engine is all about.

He also mentions 'hard sell' and says that there are a lot of JS engines out there. While this is true, most of them can't do the job half as well as Panda, and if they can, they are nowhere near as streamlined and fun to use.

I would personally much rather pay for a nice piece of well maintained and designed software, then to use a half-assed open source engine (which there are plenty of).

Panda 2 really is a diamond in the rough, and more people need to try it to understand how good it is.


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