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Needing some tutorial!


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function go(){
targets: rocket,
rocketPosition: { 
rocket.x: path.get.point.x,
duration: 500
this.setColide(rocket, planet, blowUp);
function blowUp(){
targets: planet,
frames: {begins:1,ends:6},
frameRate: 20


I have to say that beeing a newbie on Phaser, I dont know if it is the right tool for little fun animations.

If so can I have some help, please.

Or, have you any idea for a different tool for projects like that?

I know many things about html, css, javascript, d3.js, gsap.js, jquery.js.

  • I have a tilesheet that begins with a planet and ends with the explosion of the planet.
  • I have the rocket. When I push the F (fire) key it moves on path and destroys the planet. It explodes on it!

Can I have any help in order to speak Phasers 3 language so I can give flesh and bones to my project?

You have to keep in minde the unfortunate scarcity of Phaser 3 tutorials that could help people, thirsty for coding, like us.

Again if you know some other tool for little animations, can you tell me what is that?

I would be grateful if you do ...


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