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Combine Babylon.js with Pixi.js


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* Introducing a bit of pixi.js:

 pixi.js has full webgl support, a best framework for 2D game with rendering very fast. Would be great if you want make UI game with pixi.js and combine with babylon.js. (Will I get paid for advertising? NO..?)

Demo babylon.js + pixi.js : https://jsfiddle.net/y5q7Lb1v/21/

This is a perfect duo for your web game world, which you can create high quality games. ?

Moreover, you can also use GSAP for creating high-performance animations.

Demo babylon.js + pixi.js + GSAP lib: https://jsfiddle.net/y5q7Lb1v/28/

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2D + 3D Hybrid approach is really cool! Might we call it 4D or 5D?


Didn't know Pixi.js + Babylon could work, really intriqued! 


Babylon + GSAP AND

Babylon + jQuery! (surprize!)

Don't laugh. Stop laughing. : )

There is a reason... for mixing Babylon and jQuery.

jQuery.animate turned out to be just as good as GSAP(if not better).... and FREE. : )

Most Importantly: integration is lightweight and seamless.

Example shortly, in upcoming BJS release.

Can't wait to try this...

+1 LIKE for BJS+Pixi.js && HYBRID~5D.

Jack : )


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1) Interpolate range and use callback state to apply state to BJS, is how. Really surprised how well that works. Made transition myself after all of the above ANIMATION REVIEW.

2) Looking into GSAP license, at that time, it was free "non-commercial". Tricky. Perhaps they changed it? : )

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1) Basically, TweenMax.js  will interpolate the value of the target over time and assign that value to the target.
Above example: the target is ground.rotation, value is y. TweenMax.js will interpolate from current value ground.rotation.y to Math.PI * 2.

2) I have not read the license for a long time, I do not know if they have changed or not. All my games use TweenMax.js for free. :) 

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