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How to smoothly change environment textures


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Hello everyone,

Trying to change scene environment textures smoothly with some kind of  'fade-in-out' effect rather than a hard toggle.

Please consider this PG:  https://playground.babylonjs.com/#26LZLL

When the buttons are clicked, the environment texture is toggled between two .env maps.

Is it possible to make the toggle more smooth, so it is more like a 'transition' than a 'snap'?

Even a simple overlay of the two maps is ok.

Hope someone can point me to the right direction.

Thanks a lot!

PS: Those handy test spheres in the PG are kindly provided by @PatrickRyan

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Hello, this is not supported as only one environment texture is available. 

You could probably do it but it might be expensive as you need to create on each frame a new environment texture in a renderTarget by mixing the two first ones.

This implies to render each faces * the number of mipmaps + a combination of the polynomials.


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