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Behavior change for parametric Tube between v3.2 and v3.3


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I am using a cylinder (created with CreateTube) to visualize a SpringJoint. The cylinder is updated in scene.registerBeforeRender. The following code works with BabylonJS v3.2 but breaks for v3.3.


If you want the specific babylon libraries I'm using please see the babylon.custom.3.*.js files in:


Any idea what is causing this change in behavior between versions?


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Mmmh really weird indeed.

I just checked in the Github PR history : the latest changes in the Tube or Ribbon code (the tube is a ribbon-based shape) are at least one year old.  Moreover the bug happens only on the tube update.

So I guess this issue doesn't come from the tube geometry itself but rather from the vertex buffer update : how or when it's updated ?

Can someone here remember about a recent change in the ribbon update ? I can see this about some _creationDataStorage that I don't really know :

Not sure it's the reason though, but the rest of the existing looks still familiar to me
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