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Professional support for Babylon.js


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Can anyone tell me if professional support is available for Babylon.js?  e.g. where one can purchase a subscription from Microsoft in order to open a ticket and have issues solved.

And if not, does anyone know of any private organizations or service providers who are experts in the framework? i.e. which will provide support and/or consulting in it's use.

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I guess the answer to my question for this post is "No"... i.e. Babylon.js currently appears to only be an experimental, open source, game development platform created by Microsoft employees.  I am truly impressed by the quality and responsiveness of its apps, and the lightweight WebGL deployments versus Unity 3D WebGL.  I also like its performance within the www.remix3d.com site… and wish Microsoft offered a similar private SaaS cloud solution… i.e. versus only the public post.   I wanted to use this as the primary platform for my business… but cannot risk having to rely on a forum for answers to questions.  Hoping the day will come when Microsoft offers a Pro subscription of this product.  However, for the moment, I am back to using my Unity Pro account… i.e. which does of course provide support for mission critical projects.



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