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ParticleEmitter.js questions


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Hey guys, been playing around with Phaser 3 lately and I love it!

I've enhanced the particle editor example so that i can save/load and play with more of the emitter's properties. I've noticed that the maxParticles property is only taken in consideration if I put the emitter "on" to false, wait for all particles to die, and then set "on" to true again.

Looking at the source, I may have found a small bug (ParticleEmitter.js line 1705, Phaser version 3.13.0) :

    atLimit: function ()
        return (this.maxParticles > 0 && this.getParticleCount() === this.maxParticles);

the last test should probably be     this.getParticleCount() >== this.maxParticles   so that the emitter stops emitting until it gets below the new maxParticles value. Thoughts?


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