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Some drifts with babylon.js !?

Samuel Girardin

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Here is a new demo. A car ? Yes. You can drive it ? Yes. You can make some drifts ? Yes (by pressing 'd' to switch car behavior). Some problems remain : the export (.obj) from 3DSmax flips UV, and I wasn't able to fix it in babylon. One strange solution worked, it was to apply negative scale to the model... I prefer to flip the texture in PS...


I'm working now  on tire skids. My first solution works but it's very crappy & impact performances (add some texture boxes under tyres...). What is the best solution to display tire skids ? using shader to create some decals ? If someone have some ideas or examples... Cannon.js is not use here, I was inspired by some other tech webgl demos.








The 3D model come from some samples I downloaded from an SDK (license MSPL). I think I can use it. 

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Finally, I use object pooling to create skid traces. As I said, I started with shader, I managed to 'paint' some skid traces  on the ground; but the perfs were not good (due I think to my lack of shader's knowledge) ; so I switch with object pooling (just some textured planes over the ground). After a while (about a 360 turn) , the first skid traces are switched by the new ones.



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