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Depth of field in RPG Camera


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Hi, i spent a lot of time with Depth of Field from DefaultRenderingPipeline. I experiment with fStop, focusDistance, focalLength and lensSize. I want to achieve effects like in Torchlight II game. I put the screenshot from my game and I want to make blur only behind my character. Maybe someone have idea how to tweak my settings. Thanks



FireShot Capture 45 - Slavs - http___localhost_3000_.png

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I would try looking at one of these playgrounds (http://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y3C0HQ#146), (https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8F5HYV#9) then add code from one of those to your project, play with the sliders until it matches your desired result. I would expect focus distance to be the distance between the camera and your character and a larger f-stop to blur the background. If you run into any issues, create a playground repro'ing it and I can take a look.

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