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mesh rendered black on android models


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That bottom one looks like a lot of screen glare!  So, the top picture is Samsung with the desired rendering and the bottom picture is an LG tablet?

Samsung worked with no changes, while changing highPrecisionShaderSupported had no effect on LG?

I'm just asking to get more info for the next person, but actually I am completely unable to help here, sorry! Good luck :)

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Would be nice to get GPU, OS, browser versions, but this is android gpu `features` :)

Try this:

  • force webgl 1 if webgl 2 is used
  • remove shadows if used
  • change light types, try to use just 1 type and 1 light to see if that cuases it
  • try different materials
  • remove env map if used

I have worked with such issues a lot, and most of time found comp that causes this, but at the end its usually weak, bugy gpu driver or OS, as sometimes same device works well with minor os downgrade / upgrade.

I usually try to reproduce bug in playground with min setup to have better understanding what causes it.


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