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I have HTML source code for a board game.

I don't know anything about game development.

From last few days, I am trying many other softwares construct 2, Unity, Gamemaker, Android Studio but didn't work it at all.

Kindly tell me in which software I will able to open and play this game?

When I double-click it, it opens in my web browser but can't go ahead of that. The game isn't playing.

Please help!!!

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Html5 and css you can edit with your favorite text editor. Even notepad.
Java needs to compile, and won't run on any browser these days. Android studio is a good choice.
This probably means it's a Java project, and you need to run a jar.

Maybe you can list the directory (tree) here, so we can try to recognize  how it was made, and what jar to run.

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You haven't zipped the tree recursively. It's missing a nowjs directory, with file now.js.
So far it's pure javascript (nodejs), I don't see any Java. So you can just edit this with notepad or whatever (maybe google a 'javascript IDE').
It loads fine, but then hangs on now.js: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
To run this you need a webserver like mongoose.

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Unfortunately the git repo you posted for chowka-bhara does not contain a package.json, which it should. To make matters worse now.js no longer exists, there is a git repo for it here but looks like the author has kindly donated the npm name to a project which is maintained (now.js was last touched, in github at least, 7 years ago).

You can get around this as you have the zip (I used your zip for now, haven't looked at the other) or you could grab and build it yourself from the above repo link.

I managed to get it running (see attached screenshot) using the following slightly awkward process:

* Make sure you are using an old version of node, this project is old and won't even fire up. I used 6.14.3.

* install socket and node-proxy (npm i socket.io node-proxy)

* unzip now-master and copy in to node_module/now (this is almost like installing from npm)

* run the main.js file using node (node main.js)

This fires up the server and starts it serving up the stuff it needs.

Unfortunately there is also a problem in the repo with the client code so it errors and the program does not work as expected (it is unplayable), see error screenshot.



Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.23.43.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.24.17.png

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You always use that project as source material.

I expect I ended up installing a newer version of socket.io and that is probably over a major version hence it is broken.

So, yeah, maybe that project will help you get started.

Either way, good luck getting something up and running. Multiplayer is hard so keep at it!

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