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Modifying polygon Shapes of animated sprite


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I'm trying to apply physics to a animated sprite. I used PhysicsEditor to generate the JSON and loaded the polygon shape for the first frame. 

Collision detection is not happening when i try to clear the shapes and load the polygon dynamically with respect to animation. 

Is there any method to clear and load the polygon dynamically to detect collision. 

Any thoughts ?

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HI I found a solution for the issue. Every time when I clear a shape from p2 physics body,  it looses its collision group settings.

So whenever we clear and load new shape we need to set the collision group again. This solved my issue.

Code Snippet:     

// Collision Group
var collisionGroup = game.physics.p2.createCollisionGroup();
// Removing the previously loaded or default shape 
// Loading a new shape with respect to the sprite
sprite.body.loadPolygon(JSONData, name);
// Setting the collision group to the body
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