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Bloom post effect using an alpha compositing mode other than "ADD"


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The default bloom post process extracts all pixels brighter than a threshold, blurs that image, and overlays it onto the original render. The problem is that it simply adds the RGB values of the 2 images together, resulting in already bright areas becoming way too bright. I want to use BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_MAXIMIZED as the blend mode for bloom. How do I do that? Do I need to write a whole new bloom shader from scratch?

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The code is all in the mergeBloom.fragment.fx file:

gl_FragColor.rgb = gl_FragColor.rgb + (blurred.rgb * bloomWeight);
We could think of adding more mode configurtaion in the bloomEffect that we would also make available until the DefaultRenderingPipeline. 
Would you like to create the Pull Request or woud you prefer to just share the technique and formula you would like to use ?
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