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Glitchy Phaser examples


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Hi everyone!

I am quite new to Phaser and javascript and I have been learning it mainly with the phaser.io examples and library.

During my explorations I noticed that some examples do not work when downloaded to my computer (or even my friends' as well), but it does on the phaser page.
As an example: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/ninja-physics/ninja-platforms - when downloaded to my computer the characters are constantly jumping and going everywhere without any pressed key (video of the glitch).
Also, the http://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/custom-sprite-vs-group#gv when opened it just show an empty canvas. When I ran the web console it states 2 errors: the 'game.rnd.between is not a function' and 'sprite is undefined'.
These examples were downloaded straight from the page.

Am I doing something wrong when testing these examples?
I usually create a folder with the assets folder, index.hmtl file, phaser.min.js and sourceexample.js. The files are linked on the html file.

Am I missing something or is it just the case these codes are faulty and incorrect from the source?

I am running out of ideas here and any help would be much appreciated. :)

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On 10/9/2018 at 11:51 PM, rich said:

Which version of Phaser have you put with them? It says in the console when run.

I just checked, it was a really old version (2.0.1). I just updates to the last phaser 2 version and the custom-sprite-vs-group example worked. ? Newbie mistake. ?

I tested this new version with the ninja-platforms example but the glitch persists. Any ideas why this glitch keeps happening? ?

Thank you!

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