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Any Cocoon.io Alternatives?


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Hello, as we know, Cocoon.io seems like so much slowly updated and might be closed, maybe. ?
I've tried to use Phonegap, Cordova CLI, and even Monaca.io. But neither them don't easiable use like cocoon.io do. Does any of you guys have alternative for us? Thank you~

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I also know cocoon.io (which i find very good), and i know intel XDK which is not longer supported. As you, i am curious if there any alternatives exists. I don´t like the "Cloud-Based" alternatives. It would be great if someone know any "offline" alternatives to cocoon.io or something similar to converting / wrapping HTML5 to native.

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i liked intel XDK too ! Don´t know why they didn´t developt it firther. Very sad !

PhongeGap -> is only online , right ? Therefore i don´t like it. And its from Adobe, as i know.
Cordova / CordovaCLi can be used offline. But it doesn´t have a good performance. It is bad, i would say.


Didn´t heard about "Capacitor" right now, thx for the info. Maybe it is a alternative ? I will try it out, as soon as possible


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