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[1.1.5] Replacing tiles does not update collision info


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I replace a tile with no collision with one that has, but the collision info stays the same.


You can reproduce this by using the paint tiles example. Apply collision to a couple of tiles by using setCollisionBetween() and enable debug on the tilemap layer. Paint with tiles that has collision and you'll see the debug lines never update.


You can try it yourself at http://mandarinx.github.io/experiments/phaser.painttiles.1.1.5.html. Shift + click the tiles within the green border, click to paint them anywhere.


There's also a test for 1.1.3 at http://mandarinx.github.io/experiments/phaser.painttiles.1.1.3.html. I couldn't find any debug drawing for tilemaps in 1.1.3 so I added the race car from another example. Use the arrows to drive around. You'll see the car stop at the tiles that has collision enabled. Painting new tiles and watch the car stop at them too.


How come this worked in 1.1.3 and not in 1.1.5? Am I doing something wrong?

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