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Where should I be putting my animation code in complex scene?


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I notice we have a 

    scene.registerBeforeRender(function() {


function for inserting your animations. In a complex scene, where

1. everything start from a trigger action

2. they play in sequence, and the next one started when the first one play to a certain frame

3. more animations needs to be waiting for another trigger

4. some needs to play after assets loaded, and some assets will be loaded after trigger action 

should I be putting all the animation inside registerBeforeRender ? Is it even possible? I find my animation code everywhere, what is the best practice?

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Hi @fateriddle and welcome from me. There are two main ways of achieving animation in BJS. One uses 

9 hours ago, fateriddle said:

scene.registerBeforeRender(function() { })

in this case you can change properties of BJS objects such as position, rotation etc.

Another way is to use animatables https://doc.babylonjs.com/features/animations

From your description it seems you are using animatables which do not go inside the registerBeforeRender loop.

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Thanks, @JohnK  btw, should I create all the mesh needed and set the unused ones to invisible till later, or should I create things out on the fly? How do I do it in later case?
It seems to me that I can only animate properties, so I can't just meshBuilder a mesh at the end of an animation?

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5 hours ago, fateriddle said:

I can't just meshBuilder a mesh at the end of an animation?

You could always use the onAnimationEnd parameter from scene.beginAnimation to create a mesh and start a new animation. When there are more than one way of doing something sometimes you just have to try them with a simplified example. I am not clear enough on what you are trying to achieve with your animation to have an opinion, sorry ?

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