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How to load a videoDome without showing it right away?


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How to load a videoDome without showing it right away?

I kinda need to load the video for videoDome first while playing along with other scene, then at the end of a sequence of animation, videoDome will show gradually (alpha from 0 to 1)

I looked around the api but couldn't find anything, is this possible to do in Babylon.js?

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Hi again using the principle that it is better to teach someone to fish than catch the fish for them? -

if you go to the API in the docs, scroll down to videoDome an open it then look through the properties and methods you will come across


So you ask yourself can I use this, how do I try it out? You go to the docs and search for videoDome which brings you to the how to do 360 video page. On this page there is a playground example. Next quetion is how do I reset dome.setEnabled if I set it to false? Use a clickable button, Next check out the GUI page of the docs and read about events

Here is a button click playground example. Paste this example into the videoDome example and reset the onclick function to reset thee dome.setEnabled to true and see what happens.

The result https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#SQ5UC1#14

 shows it is possible to load the video and show later. Now all that is needed is to adapt this to the animation context.


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