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Phaser 1.2 Progress Update - w/e 23rd Feb.


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Another week and a huge amount of progress across all core areas. The headliners include:


Contact Materials and material management added and working nicely. The start of the collision events are in too. Tilemaps now load, render and collide. I need to check performance on mobile, but on desktop it's pretty sweet.


We've started updating all of the examples to work under the new version and created a few more labs demos.


Lots and lots of github issues closed, merged or added as features. Things like being able to load json files directly from the loader, States having 'paused and resume' functions, TileSprites being able to be dragged and interacted with like any other sprite, lots and lots of docs updates, RenderTexture fixes, p2 upgrades, pixi upgrades and fixes across most classes.




I've still got more to do - for example I still want to fix all the Timer and page visibility related issues, and I'm toying with getting Springs and Constraints in as well.


I've had some encouraging feedback from those testing. Lots of you are seeing quite dramatic fps increases after doing little more than upgrading and tweaking a bit of code, which is great :) We're not fully there just yet, but another week of coding and we'll be 99% I think.

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Hi Richard,


Thank you so much for your work.


The new Phaser (be it named 1.2 or 2.x) looks very cool and opens up alot of really cool game possibilities that just were not possible with 1.1.x.


From what I have seen now (labs) I changed my mind about wanting arcade physics back.

It just closes off too many cool options and doubles not only your work, but also the work the developer has to do, to learn phaser.


In my optionen there should instead be presets / setup examples for the new engine to resemble pretty closely what the old arcade physics did.

(I think with porting the old examples your are doing exactly that?)



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Hey Rich,


I wrote in my topic, but probably you missed it, can try to ask here, I'm about the "requestAnimationFrame". What about the idea:
when the game is losing the focus -> use setTimeout, and then when back to the game - setup back to rAf if it is available. 

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