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Splitscreen game in Pixi?


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Trying to figure out how to make a simple split screen game. I've tried to do it with pixi-viewport, but it seems you have to add all the elements to the viewport in order to render it. I'm not even sure how to render the viewport to only part of the screen as it seems to fill the renderer.

Does anyone know what the best method for doing this would be?

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Multi-camera is a big problem. Even Phaser3 doesnt have it.

Best way: write your own stage with your own camera. Requires serious knowledge about pixi scene tree. I had a fork with that ability: https://gameofbombs.github.io/pixi-bin/index.html?s=camera&f=mirror.js&title=2 bunnies 2 cameras That's based on pixi-v3 and changes were very big.

Another way: store your own scene independently and create pixi trees according to camera position.


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