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Rotating cloned imported mesh


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I'm completely stumped by my inability to rotate an imported mesh which is then cloned.  It took me a long time to isolate the issue into a playground but I've finally done it and I'm sure one of you is going to tell me something obvious. 

I have a library of meshes (imported from GLB files).  I clone a mesh and add it to the scene and I can set the rotation using 

clone.rotation = BABYLON.Vector3.FromArray([1,0,0]);

The clone is successfully rotated, but almost immediately (on the next rendering call, I'm guessing) the rotation is lost on the clone.  Which means that when I later set:

clone.rotation = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();

the object does not return to its original rotation.  In other words, setting the rotation on cloned meshes seems to be cumulative.

This behaviour differs from a built mesh which does exactly what I would expect.  I have shown both examples in the playground - hopefully it makes more sense there!




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