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is not a function


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before I start, I have to be a pain... I cant share my work due to strong restrictions at my job so i have to describe it as well as possible. Also to recreate this issue... tldr its not possible / takes too long / waste of time, not to seem rude! 

i will be very greatful at any help! 


so... I am coming across this error - this._emissiveTexture.isReadyOrNotBlocking is not a function


just wondered if there is any reason why this would happen that would pop to mind? 

from searching i can only find this and this. if the answer is in one of those two posts, it must be escaping me haha.


so to get this error, all I (think i am) doing is applying an emissive texture to a standard material that doesnt have one to begin with so before I "apply" it, its value is undefined. 

if I think of any more info I will update asap


many thanks



maybe this will help - 



after adding a load of console.logs to see when the error triggers, it happens after i do 


actually seems to happen even if i remove this line

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sorry just found the issue, some how the texture has been applied in an array rather than a string...

thought that might fix it but seems not. 

because obviously i need to apply image as a babylon texture not a string... its early. sorry to be a pain! 

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